We Undertake all types of engineering support services required by local industries, mainly; Food, Chemical and Process Industries.

Steel Structures

At Crown Steel we are industry experts when it comes to Steel Structures. We have a highly experienced and technical staff dedicated to designing, manufacturing and erecting all types of steel structures, Buildings, Bridges, Process Industries and Factories according to client’s specific requirements.

We also have an internal Engineering and Design Department that uses the latest in Computer Design Technology and software such as AutoCad and Tekla Structures to prepare structural drawings and details.

Various structures have been fabricated and installed by Crown Steel, notable among them being the: - Dar Ul Tawhid InterContinental Hotel at the Holy Haram in Makkah Mukkaramah. Approximately 1700 tons of heavy steel columns were fabricated and installed up to a height of 24 meters. - Kitchen Facility supplied to Midroc Company for installation at the Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia. - The Edible Oil Refinery Structure supplied and installed at Afia International in Khartoum, Sudan.

Our Steel Structure production can range up to 1500 tons per month, depending on the profiles being used.

Chimneys and Stacks

Crown covers a wide range of Storage Tanks starting from small tanks of a cubic meter or less to large Bulk Storage Tanks. Up to 5000m3 size has already been executed by us and we could do larger sizes also.

Different types of tanks can be fabricated, from small portable ones with wheels to horizontal ones with dished ends or to vertical ones with diameter upto 24 meters or more, as per Client requirement.

Tanks can be fabricated according to International Standards such as API 650, etc. Installation of the large tanks, including Site welding, is part of our scope of works.

Installation Works

Crown Erection team caters to the installation aspects of the Steel Works and Mechanical items.

These include structures, fabricated steel works, such as for Cement Plants, large storage tanks for oil, water, etc.

Pipe Racks & Piping Supports

Steel Pipe Racks for large piping networks with its associated piping supports are part of the Crown Steel scope of work.

They are made according to Customer design and requirements.


Silos of different sizes and capacities and for different uses and in mild steel or stainless steel as per the requirements of our valued Customers.

Storage Tanks

Crown Steel is capable of undertaking all kinds of Tank Fabrication and Installation projects.

From small portable tanks with wheels to horizontal tanks with dished ends and vertical ones with diameter up to 98 meters or more, as per Client requirement. Including, fixed cone, floating and double deck roof types of welded storage tanks for oil and other industries.

All the tanks are designed in strict accordance with customer specifications and International Standards, such as API 650. We are also well equipped to provide storage tank modification, refurbishment and maintenance services.


Crown Steel is very familiar with the Fabrication and Installation of all kinds of piping projects, including site erection for all sizes. The piping can be in various sizes and in open or confined spaces, as per the space restrictions of the Client.

Large Ductings

Large ductings for the Cement Industries is part of our products too. We have been supplying the same to the different organizations and according to their requirements. Heat or wear resistant lining may be part of the requirement.

Machining and Repair

The Crown Steel Machine Shop is one of the best and most renowned in the Kingdom and is equipped with a large variety of machinery sufficient to carry out virtually any kind of Machining work.
We can handle different qualities of High Grade Steel including Stainless Steel. We are also highly capable of manufacturing all kinds of machine parts including Gears and Shafts.
In addition, Crown Steel is able to take on projects that require us to work with Plastic, Teflon and Rubber.

Stainless Steel Fabrications

Crown steel is highly experienced in Industrial fabrication work in stainless steel.
We has provided stainless steel structures for various sewage treatment plants, SS Piping, SS Storage Tanks, SS Fabrication works, as per Client requirements.

Chutes and Cyclones

Fabrication of Steel work for the Cement Industry, such as Chutes, Cyclones, with lining of abrasive resistant material is also part of our scope of work.
We cater to all different sizes and as per requirements and detailed drawings of our Clients.
We are already supplying to the leading Cement Factories of K.S.A such as Arabian Cement Co, Yanbu Cement Co, Southern Province Cement Co, Najran Cement Co, Tabuk Cement Co.

Fabrication and Modification

Our Fabrication shop is equipped with all kinds of Engineering Facilities and we are able to fabricate all types of Steel Structures, Buildings, Bridges, Process Industries and Factories, New Erection and Modification, including all type of Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks Construction for Chemical and Processing Industries.

Recently we have provided anchor bolts to the Chinese Company M/S. Sinoma International for their Cement Plant projects in Riyadh. Embedded items using Nelson bolts have been supplied to Binjarralla Company for their projects in King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. We have fabricated and installed for Eastern Trading & Contracting Establishment for their ARASCO PORT IN DAMMAM, a large tank of 5,000 m3 capacity.